Original music including solo albums and collaborations.

Solo Projects

Completely DIY Albums and Songs

The Sun And The Moon was released on 1st February 2024 to digital media outlets like Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon, iTunes and many more, with 9 songs of musical goodness.

Go to the dedicated page to stream all songs and read the dedicated booklet which includes full lyrics, sleave notes and listening suggestions. 

Internet Collaborators

The best of working with musical talents around the world.

The best of consolidated works from the many individuals who share their time and talents on the Internet.  To follow


Some of the groups I’ve been very blessed to create and perform music with.

Eat The Lemon

Links to the world famous Eat The Lemon :

Search all good digital outlets for 4 albums worth of music magic.


A collaboration with fellow Eat The Lemon band member Luigi Sterlini. To Follow

Prime Deal

A vintage album of 80’s material with Paul Debonnaire when dodgy drums machines and 4-track mixing ruled. To Follow