The Sun And The Moon

Launched on 1st February 2024 to Spotify and all other digital channels, but please remain here for the premium experience!

Start by glancing through the attached PDF containing a listening guide, lyrics and credits. Then stream the highest quality audio below, which is uncompressed WAV format and only available here.

The Sun And The Moon
What Do You Dream
Woman In The Wood
Fancy Animals
I Don't Like Blue
A New Way

The making of The Sun And The Moon:

The idea of this album was to try to create an amalgam of the music from bands that I had always admired. I wanted it to have a coherent flow and with a dark and menacing feel, where heavy, riff-based guitars would dominate and song length and structure was unconstrained. I was inspired by Classic Rock bands like Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd but wanted a more modern feel of bands like Karnivool or Caligula’s Horse.

It was fully realised throughout 2023, although the origins of some of the songs like “Woman In The Wood” and “Stars” go back much earlier. It was released on Spotify and all other digital outlets on 1st February 2024.

The PDF is embedded below but can be unreliable on some devices so downloading is recommended.