Original video productions mainly containing a lot of CGI (Blender). They include short films as well as music videos.

CGI-based Short Films

Original mystery dramas with a twist. A bit dated but still compelling.


Things will never be the same again for Ray on this Nightshift

Alien Obsession

Proof that alien culture isn’t that different.

Music Videos

Light-hearted videos to accompany hit songs

Funks Four

Cubes invade from outer space to listen to Eat The Lemon

Bad Romance

A montage of Youtubers covering this popular song by Lady Gaga. Try to maintain a Poker Face.

Who Am I

Vintage stop motion footage to accompany this hit song by Eat The Lemon


Various PD Productions commissions from organistions and individuals

Legally Blonde

Promotional video for the musical version of Legally Blonde by the Lost For Words Theatre Company

A short advert for the


Youtuber Intros

A compilation of intros made on the basis of requests from various Youtubers


Unfinished instructional video for a well known consultancy